Poster Gallery

01. Strong and Controllable Spin–Orbit Interactions in Epitaxially Grown Inas Nanosheets
Furong Fan | Peking University

02. Selective Area Epitaxy of Pbte-Pb Hybrid Nanowires on a Lattice-Matched Substrate
Yuying Jiang | Tsinghua University

03. Drastic Increase of Channel Capacity in Quantum Secure Direct Communication Using Masking
Haoran Zhang | Tsinghua University

04. Realization of Quantum Secure Direct Communication Over 100 km
Haoran Zhang | Tsinghua University

05. Towards Practical Quantum Computers: Transmon Qubit With a Lifetime Approaching 0.5 Milliseconds
Yingshan Zhang | BAQIS

06. Thermal Variational Quantum Simulation on a Superconducting Quantum Processor
Shangshu Li | Institute of Physics CAS

07. Site-Controlled In-Plane Si and Ge Nanowires
Jianhuan Wang | BAQIS

08. Chern Insulator State in Mbe Grown Mnbi2te4 Thin Films
Yang Feng | BAQIS

09. Characterizing Noise Correlation and Enhancing Coherence via Qubit Motion
Jiaxiu Han | BAQIS

10. Observation of Strong and Weak Thermalization in a Super-conducting Quantum Processor
Zhenghang Sun | Institute of Physics CAS

11.Growth And Characterization of High-Quality Ge/Sige Planar Heterostructure for Hole Qubit
Jieyin Zhang | BAQIS

12. Suppressing Andreev Bound State Zero Bias Peaks Using A Strongly Dissipative Lead
Shan Zhang | Tsinghua University

13. A Quantum Convolutional Neural Network on NISQ Devices
Shijie Wei | BAQIS

14. Quantum Machine Learning on Superconducting Quantum Computer
Ruixia Wang | BAQIS

15. Implementation of Non-Hermitian Hamiltonian on Trapped Ion Platform
Liangyu Ding | Renmin University of China

16. Quantum Capacitance of Holes in Planar Germanium
Jiankun Li | BAQIS

17. Machine Learning in Nitrogen-Vacancy System
Huili Zhang | Tsinghua University

18. Fabrication and Quantum Oscillations of Insb Nanosheet/Hbn/Graphite Heterostructured Devices
Li Zhang | Peking University

19. Large Zero-Bias Peaks and Dips in a Four-Terminal Thin Inas-Al Nanowire Device
Huading Song | BAQIS

20. Topological Dynamical Decoupling
Jiang Zhang | BAQIS

21. Vacuum-Gap Transmon Qubits Realized Using Flip-Chip Technology
Xuegang Li | BAQIS

22. Low-Temperature Quantum Oscillations in P-Type Multi-Channel Silicon Nanowire Junctionless Transistors
Jundong Chen | Institute of Semiconductors CAS

23. Experimental Implementation of Universal Holonomic Quantum Computation on Solid-State Spins with Optimal Control
Yang Dong | University of Science and Technology of China

24. Detection of Charge States of an Inas Nanowire Triple Quantum Dot With an Integrated Nanowire Charge Sensor
Weijie Li | Peking University

25. Numerical Study of Pbte-Pb Hybrid Nanowires for Engineering Majorana Zero Mode
Zhan Cao | BAQIS

26. Quantum Optimization for Polynomials: Theory and Experiment
Pan Gao | BAQIS

27. Analog Quantum Simulation of Discrete Time Crystal
Jingning Zhang | BAQIS

28. Quantum Interference between Independent Solid-State Single-Photon Sources
Xiang You | University of Science and Technology of China

29. Low-Decoherence Quantum Information Transmittal Scheme Based on the Single-Particle Various Degrees of Freedom Entangled States
Jiangmei Tang | Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

30. Topological Phase Transition in a Semiconductor Insb Nanolayer
Zhihai Liu | Peking University

31. Universal Conductance Scaling of Andreev Reflections Using a Dissipative Probe
Gu Zhang | BAQIS

32. Secure End-To-End Quantum Network Using Present-Day Technology and Qsdc
Dong Pan | BAQIS

33. Operating System for NISQ-era Quantum Computing
Yulong Feng | BAQIS

34. Quantum Speed Limit Quantified by the Changing Rate of Phase
Yujun Zheng | Shandong University

35. Scalable Quantum i/o: Integrated Cryogenic Microwave Components in Flexible Stripline Structures
Zibo Wu | Delft Circuits


36. Maxwell Demonand Quantum Non-locality
Mengjun Hu | BAQIS