Day 1 Dec-2 2021
Session 1 09:00-09:45

Quantum Control of Spins in Solids and Its Applications

Jiang-feng Du
University of Science and Technology of China, China

Quantum control of systems plays an important role in modern science and technology. Spin system is an important platform for quantum control and promises various fascinating applications in quantum information science. In this talk, I would like to present our research progresses in quantum control over spins in solids, including the decoherence suppressing and high-fidelity quantum gate operations. Our experimental studies of its applications in quantum computation, quantum sensing, and fundamental physics research will also be presented.

Prof. Jiangfeng Du is a professor of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and the Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He received his doctoral degree in USTC in 2000. Since the year 2004 he works as a professor and now he serves as vice president of USTC. Prof. Du developed a series of advanced spin quantum control methods to precisely manipulate spin quantum states as well as several kinds of advanced magnetic resonance spectrometers. Based on these, he made fruitful achievements by applying the spin quantum control technologies into information and metrology sciences. The major research results include prolonging the spin quantum coherence time by three orders against the realistic quantum noises and demonstrating the single-protein spin resonance spectroscopy under ambient conditions. Du was awarded the second prize of National Natural Science Award, The Outstanding Achievements in Natural Science by the Ministry of Education of China, The Huang Kun Award of Solid-state Physics and Semiconductor Physics from Chinese Physical Society, and The Award in Basic Science from Zhou GuangZhao Foundation.